Custom Building

Our Design & Build process is second-to-none. Below we have outlined the steps in our custom build process and how Superior Development will guide you through each step in the process.

Superior Development’s in-house real estate team is experienced in searching to find the best opportunities at the best price. Our realtors network with a magnitude of other like-minded realtors to ensure we are getting the best acquisitions brought to us daily. We will brainstorm together and visualize the perfect location in town for you and your family.

Once we have navigated to the area in which you want to call your neighborhood, we will dive in to the market for possible acquisitions.

When it comes to negotiating the sale, we have our customers best interest at heart; guaranteed. We will even be at the closing table with you! In the event you are new to town, we network with multiple local mortgage teams and will get you in touch with the best mortgage lenders in the business.

Now that we have your perfect lot purchased through a local lending agency, it is time to meet with one of our preferred local architect firms to brainstorm and bring to life your new custom home.

We also have interior design teams that will help you create the that perfect new style you have been waiting for.

With the land purchased and blueprints created, we are now ready to start budgeting the construction costs of your new home. Once we have agreed on the budget amounts, we will partner with the local mortgage lender again, but this time it is for your construction loan. This is a process we encounter quite often and will be your guidance throughout.

Now that we have our construction loan in place, it is time to start pulling permits and building your home. This should be the most exciting piece of the puzzle as you get to witness your home being built by hand! We have preset walkthrough visits throughout each major phase to allow you and your family to learn how and why certain items are built the way they are. This will also give us the opportunity to discuss any changes you may see fit.

With the home now being complete, construction loan being processed into permanent financing, it is time to perform your final walk through and pass the torch on to you and your family. During this time, we will discuss our warranty (learn more about our warranty here) in detail so that no stones are left unturned. Our warranty runs parallel with The National Home Builder’s Association warranty and is one of the best in the business.

We Greatly Appreciate Referrals from Our Clients

As always, we want to help educate as many people as possible about the building industry. One of the best ways to do this is through referrals. If you know any of your friends that are interested in selling their current home for more than they bought it for, please send us their number so we can help them.